Décor Tips

Décor Tips

With all the fabulous variety out there, making informed décor choices can be overwhelming. After our Design Specialists help you select the features and finishes, you can enjoy putting your own touches so your new home reflects your personal style. You can do it!

Your Home Your Style

When choosing colours, aim for a cohesive look. Ideally one room should blend into the next. Choose a palette consisting of one primary colour and up to three coordinating colours. Use different shades with slight tone variations. Vary the combination from room to room by using a coordinating colour, or its shade variation, as the primary in one room, and another in the next.

Repeat similar patterns to add interest and integrate spaces

Employ textures that are similar or coordinating such as brocade drapes with damask bed coverings

Because every family is different, the way you use your home will be different. Do you want a formal appearance and function? Or a casual and friendly look? As you approach décor choices realize who will use each space. A formal dining room might look great but how often will you use it with your toddlers? Kitchen islands for example, provide space for the cook plus places to perch for kids and friends.

For those who want to feel involved in the design process, and find out what the current buzz is among professionals can check out Houzz.com. The site works like Pinterest but for design, and includes discussions, ideas and photos posted by interested amateurs and professionals alike.